Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend of Fun & First's!!!!

We were invited to spend the weekend with our friends at their grandparent's cottage that is located in Michigan. We headed up late Friday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon. It was such a great weekend filled with laughter, fun, food and a lot of first's for Reese. We started out on Saturday with mine and Reese's first ride on a Jet-Ski....and it was a blast!!!! The faster I went, the more Reese loved it....We are definitely in trouble since we found out our little peanut is a flat out dare devil! My first words to Lee after getting off was, "we NEED one of these!!!"

We took the boat out a little later and had fun speeding around the lake and pulling everyone around on the a tube. I forgot to take my camera :( Again, it was the first time to ride a tube for me and Reese. She had a blast, but unfortunately, our ride ended with both of us in the lake. I was much more worried then Reese and Reese was more worried about me being out in the lake still then getting back to the boat safely. It was a lot of bad I have no pictures to prove all the fun time. Reese loved the boat ride and squealed for most of it.

After the boat ride, we came back to the cottage and grilled out for dinner and the kids and Uncle Kevin did some fishing. It was Reese's first time, and she was thrilled that she caught her very first fish. I think we were all in shock that she caught it all by herself!

We followed dinner with Oreo's and sitting around a fire until bedtime......

Sunday was a lazy day thanks to off and on rain. We were able to get a few more rides on the Jet-Ski and some swimming time with daddy.....and one last first for Reese....she had her hair in a pony tail for the first time. My baby has turned into a little girl....sigh.....

It was such a great week-end filled with lots of F-U-N!!!!!

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  1. Love the YUM Oreo Face!!! You know the little firsts - like first ponytail - are my faves!! I need to go back through my blog and copy those in the baby book :)

  2. I am soooo behind on her baby book!!! But then again, I feel like I am behind on everything right now!!!