Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strawberry Princesses

Wow...was this a busy weekend. My niece, Taylor, is turning "5" tomorrow and we celebrated her birthday this weekend. My sister let her decide the type of party she wanted, and all she wanted was a girl's weekend. She did have a few request....she wanted to wear a tutu, she wanted her nails polished and she wanted cheese sticks :) After much discussions and many changes, Taylor decided she wanted a strawberry theme as well....with a little pushing from Auntie Amber. I was so thrilled!!!

We started off the celebration on Friday evening. My sister, Taylor, Reese and I loaded up in my car and headed to Mamaw's house (Papaw was out of town, so it was just us girls). We went and grabbed a quick dinner and headed back to my mom's house for some yummy jello cake. Her is the birthday girl posing with her requested cake :)

Then it was time for some pampering! Last year Reese fought me every time I polished her toe nails.....and as a licensed cosmetologist, I thought they should be polished all the time. I just haven't been in the mood lately to fight with her, so her toes have just stayed unpolished so far this summer. She surprised by asking my to polish them and sitting like a big girl the entire time. I was one proud and excited mama!!! She is thrilled that she has pink toes!!! So much so that she made me take of her shoes and socks at church this morning so she could show them off. Let me also add that she has a new obsession with pink (and I love it!!!). After every one's nails looked pretty, Taylor opened one of our horse PJs that match a pair Reese has. They looked so cute! And since it was a slumber party....we stayed up until 11:00 and Reese still wasn't ready for bed :)

Saturday was the big day!!! The birthday girl was just stunning and she knew it...hehe. I taught my sister how to make a tutu for Taylor, and she did a great job on it!!! I also appliqued a strawberry shirt for her to wear and topped of the tutu with a bow. Of course, she had to have a cute bow for her hair as well. Also note her new "high heels"....another request from the birthday girl. And yes, she is turning "5" not "15"!

I was thrilled to have an excuse to make Reese a cute Strawberry outfit. I ordered a shirt off ebay and used some used knits to make this cute, comfortable dress (look for the cute detail on the back below).

We first stopped at a fun local spot for some pictures and to feed the ducks......

Loved this duck, but not sure why.

We also stopped and smelled the flowers.....

And was even surprised by an airplane flying over (Reese's new obsession is noises....she asked me at least 50 times a day, "What's that noise?" as she puts her little hand to her cute!). Can you tell she was very excited :)

We played in a fountain.......

And said "c-h-e-e-s-e" many, many times.....

And we where able to find a bunch of tadpoles that were just getting there legs....

Of course, we had to stop for a photo shoot with Mamaw......

After we finished up there, we moved on to the Carousel located in down town. It was a big hit!

We went to dinner at Red Lobster where the birthday girl ate yummy cheese sticks. The little peanut asked me to hold her half way through dinner and was out in less then a minute...she was so tuckered out :) Of course, we had to make a stop at Cold Stone when on the way home!!

It was a great weekend!!!
We all had a B-L-A-S-T!!!!


  1. What a fun day!!! Okay, does the birthday girl's hair naturally curl so beautifully???? GORGEOUS!!!

    LOVE Reese's airplane and "cheese" expressions!! So CUTE!!! The piggy tail bows really make the outfit ;)

    And one last thing...we should all be able to squat as effortlessly as Reese is in that pic where she's checking out the tadpoles! LOL!

  2. Jessica~Taylor has natural curling hair but my sister curled it on Saturday :)

    I was so excited to find the green striped ribbon! It thought it was jsut perfect...i also bought some in red :)

    Wouldn't it be nice to squat like that!!! She does it all the time :)

  3. Reese is soooo cute, and so is the birthday girl, Taylor!