Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Labor of Love

Reese's big girl room has been a work in progress since February....and I am so happy to say it is finally completely finished!!! She has been sleeping in her big-girl bed since the beginning of May, but we were finally able to complete the finishing touches in the last few weeks. It has truly been a labor of love, but I am so happy with how it turned out.....and yes, I doubted myself through the entire process!!!

I thought it would be so neat to make her quilt for her bed...and I asked myself many many times what I was thinking :) It was my first quilt, and let me tell you....a 96"x96" is not the best size to be your very first quilt :) There were many tears, lots of joy and even more frustration during the making of it...but I am so glad I was able to make her something she can always hold on to!!! My dad's amish friend, Esther, helped me hand quilt it along with help from many of other Amish friends. I love to look at all the stitches and remember all the conversations and love that went into all of them. It is an experience I will cherish forever!

Here is a peak into what Reese is enjoying so much!

Here is a look into her room from the hallway.....I absolutely love the wall color! We decided to buy Reese an nice set of Amish made oak furniture. It will last her for a long time. We were also very lucky to find the exact bed we wanted 50% off....$250 is a steal for a solid oak queen bed (which is why she ended up with such a big bed, but she loves all the room).

Her nice roomy bed :) I bought the vinyl wall decal off esty from happy tree graphics. I love the sweet birds, and Allison was very helpful!

I made all the pillows for her bed, and had alot of fun coming up with a few different things. I fell in love with this verse when I saw it on a pillowcase on esty. I knew I wanted to include it in her room somehow. I decided to hand embroider it on a pillow along with a sweet bird.

A close-up of the sweet bird.....
I really like how this pillow turned out. I first quilted the white part, then I attached the birds on it using steam-a-seam. I then hand stitched around each bird. I attached the back of the pillow and then added binding all the way around (like you would on a quilt). I used an envelope style back on both pillows so I can remove the pillow and wash if ever needed.

Reese's name and small note from me pieced into the back of her all those quilted rows of hearts!
I found the frame on the left at Goodwill and the one on the right at an antique shop (it had a not so pretty picture of a lady in it that ended up in the trash). I spray painted them off white and covered a plain white mat and a mat I cut out of thick cardboard with fabric that matched her room.
Here is her night stand. I scored the lamp at an antique store for $15. The wood piece was a dark green so I took the lamp a part and spray painted it aqua. I then bought a cheap lamp shade at Target and covered it with some fabric that match the curtians. Her night stand is topped off with a few fun, antique books and a picture of Reese's best bud, Jerzee.

I thought there was something missing above her dresser and was happy when I found this cute bird cage in Amish County last week. Maga was so nice to buy it for Reese! Love how it matches the wall decal!

I have to have a clock in all rooms of the house. I was so excited to find this cute clock at a local store that was going out of business. It was only $3.00 which I knew was a great deal. It wasn't until further inspection that I realized how great of a deal it was...the original price was $96!!!

Of course I had to include our love of horses in the room. These are boots that my sister and I wore. I love that Reese was able to wear them and decided to make Reese's Halloween costume around them last year. Love this picture of Reese...definately one of my favorites (thanks Ty!)

I didn't get a picture of the shelf that hangs to the left of the room in the very first picture. It was a shelf we bought for her nursery and painted white. I bought some pretty aqua paint that matched her curtains and painted it. I decided to distress it and love how it turned out. Here are the fun things that are on the shelf.
I bought this cute bird doily at an antique store for $3. The flowers were made from scraps using a great tutorial from Dana over at Made. I decided that the "stems" needed something, so I covered them with fabric as well. The little doll is from my Mawmaw that passed away in 2001. I only have two things from her, so I was so thrilled that it matched Reese's room. I love that I can look at it everyday and think of her!
I sanded down the "R" and repainted and distress it (it was from her nursery). A fun, little, red teapot I scored at TJMAxx for $3. The dolls are from ebay.
The neat blue jars are from my mom and dad. I found the wooden spools of thread at Goodwill for $3 (such a fun find). I was going to use them in my sewing room, but since it will probably never get decorated, I thought they would look great here. These dolls are from ebay as well (shouldn't have bid on both sets at the same time...hehe).

Cute embroidery hoops that are on the wall above the rocking chair (which Reese was definaltey not ready to give up yet). I love how they turned out.
Close-up of the hand embroidered bird.....
Here is a close-up of the ruffles on the bottom of the curtians and a sweet dollie. The dollie is how I first became friends with Angel. I am so grateful for being able to become friends with her! I am also greatful for being able to meet Jessica through her as well! Two friends that I know were sent to me by God!

Cuteness on the dollie's bum :)

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the peanut's room. Now onto to decorate the rest of the house....sshhh...don't tell Lee :)


  1. Amber, this takes my breath away! Simply gorgeous!!! I adore the pillow you embroidered and the verse you chose is perfection. I'm definately making something like that for my kids too. The embroidery hoops are fabulous and I love your collection of Matryoshka dolls (I need a collection on my red shelf now too). I could go on and on... Oh the curtains... *sigh* Just too much beauty in there. I bet Reese feels so loved in her new big girl room. I'm so glad we are friends too. ((HUGS))

  2. all choked up reading that last bit! You're too sweet!

    Okay, now onto the BIG REVEAL: love, love, love, love it all! Hard to pick faves since I love all the details but I REALLY love those boots you used to wear handed down to Reese (be still my heart), love the framed photos on her wall and how you coordinated the mats, of course, love that labor of love quilt and the sweet embroidered pretties, but those ruffles on the curtains may just be my favorite little hidden gem :)

    Bet Reese feels like a princess in there!! Thanks for sharing her room!

  3. Thanks ladies! Reese is sooo proud of her room. She gets so excited to show people her room for the first time...makes my heart melt!!!

    I must confess that I have been tempted to steal her room :)

    The ruffles on the curtains are my mom's favorite...I love that they are simple with a little frill :) I also love that the light still shines through them!

  4. wow, Amber, just wow! Would it be really awkward if I moved into that room with your daughter? Discuss it with your family and get back to me.

    Failing that, may I please just copy every single thing you've done? I won't pick a favorite because that's not fair to all the other adorable decor, but I am hearting that embroidered & pieced birdie wall hanging big time!

  5. Thanks! I'm sure Reese would love the company!!! Thanks for the kind words! That means so much coming from someone I always would love to be able to copy!!!

  6. Amber! Her room is adorable!!! I am in love with it. You truly have a talent for if I could get you and Jessica to come do MG's room!! Reese is so very blessed to call you her mother!

  7. Thanks Mary Beth! Jessica is much better then me :)

  8. WOW WOW WOW, Amber!!! How talented you are! Her room is absolutely adorable in every way! May I ask how in the WORLD you have time to do all of that stuff (quilting? hand-embroidering? PLEASE!)? You have WAY more patience than I do, but I am so envious of that. :) I know that your little girl will cherish all the work you put into her room forever and especially that AMAZING quilt! Anyway, I think you did a fabulous job and I, too, would like to copy every single thing!! haha Thanks for the link to my store and for your patience through the whole process. :) I'll be checking your blog often! May God bless you and your beautiful family!

    happy tree graphics

  9. Thanks for the sweet comment Allison :) It was a project that took many hours over a long period of time....I was definately tired of it by the end :)

    Feel free to become a follower adn if you start up a blog, let me know so I can follow!

    Good luck on the little one that will be arriving before you know it!

  10. You did a fabulous job! And that quilt is so amazing. It will be an heirloom! I like how you broke down where you found all the little pieces that made her room special.

  11. It was a fun tour of Reese's room. So cute. My favorite has got to be that bird pillow with the sweet little saying. I so need to learn how to sew! Thanks for sharing all the fun things in her big girl room.

  12. the room is beautiful! the quilt looks amazing! i love the pillows and the fabric hoops. i love how you incorporated the embroidery into the fabric hoop. i bet reese loves being in her bedroom. i am already looking forward to doing ava's big girl room! i can't wait to look for a bed. :)

  13. This is all SUPER cute! What a lucky girl to have such a creative and loving Mama! :-)
    --Emily Combs

  14. ok so I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room! Can I ask you what color and brand that paint is? LOVE IT!!