Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally...a shopping trip for me!!!!

It's time for me to face the honest truth....I need to start thinking about myself a little more. It seems like since Reese was born, every shopping trip always revolves around finds for her....even when it started out as a trip for me! Does she need more clothes or shoes? Most of the time...not so much but that is just how it always seems to go.

One day I was trying to figure out what to wear, and I realized most of my wardrobe was from before I got married....almost 4 years ago. Sure, I have bought a piece here and there; but for the most part everything was pre-marriage and pre-baby (and boy has the body changed since then!). Finally, after telling Lee the night before Easter that I wish I had bought a $35 pair of shoes to go with the dress I was wearing the next day for Easter but didn't because I hated to spend the money. To which his response was...."but you spent $35 on Reese at a few different stores on things she didn't need. You have to start taking care of yourself!" He is right...there I said it....but he was right this time. He instructed me to take some money and go buy myself some things that I needed.....and I did!!! This past Saturday I left Reese with my sister (thanks Melissa!) and set out on a shopping trip for myself and promised that I wouldn't buy anything for Reese (I did have to take a peak in a few kids stores). I shopped until my feet ached, but it was so nice to spend a day on me! Here are a few of my finds that I can't wait to wear. Now I need to talk the Mr. into a night out I guess...hehe.

I saw this shirt during a recent trip to Target. It is from their new Liberty of London line. I love the print and the ruffles make it look so girly (which I am really loving right now). I should have bought it right then...but I probably bought something for Reese instead. Needless to say, they didn't have any in my size left when I went back to get it.

So....I settled for this one. I still really like it but I didn't love it like the other one.

But...I couldn't get the other shirt out of my mind.....I just had to have it!!! So after a few phone calls and two Target stores later...I FOUND IT (cue the heavenly music)!!!! And, to top it off, I remembered I bought a cardigan last year that is the exact color of orange. Perfect for the cool Ohio weather...when will it ever warm up!!! It will also be perfect with the pair of yellow wedge sandals I found at Target a few weeks ago (I couldn't fins a picture of them).

I also had my eye on this shirt and cardigan from New York & Co. when I was shopping for my Easter outfit. I was so happy that they still had the shirt and cardigan...and they had it in my size!!! I love the color combination.

And I found this extremely comfortable and cute denim skirt. It will be perfect for a nice dinner out with the hubby, and there is so many options for things to pair it with! Dress it up a little for church or dress it down for nice trip out.

And of course, what is a shopping trip with out a pair of shoes?!?!?! I wanted to find a few pairs of flats that would go with jeans, cropped pants and even skirts. These just fit the bill! Plus, they are very comfortable, and I just adore the flower.
I like them so much...I am thinking of getting them in pink as well! I usually am not a big fan of buying an item in multiple colors but I really adore these shoes. It's hard to find a shoe you just love adn that is so comfortable so why not! Maybe I should get them turquoise and yellow too.....that might be pushing it!
So, I have promised myself to start taking better care of myself!!! And, I promise to buy for myself and not just Reese...even though the adorable little girl's things are hard to resist (but I can not promise to avoid fabric for making Reese some cute things)!!! It will not make my less of a mom, but it will help make me a better person!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Peanut is 20 months old today!!!

It was love at first sight!!!

You have.......

taken a few naps with daddy.....

had a few rides in the pony cart with Papaw.....

cheered on Daddy's team.....Go Blue......

had a few bad hair days......

made quite a few messes.....and been so proud of them.....
dressed up......

and posed......

but most of all....you are becoming a beautiful, sweet, little girl that we love soooo much!!!

Happy 20-month birthday little Peanut!!! We love you!!!!
Mama & Daddy

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Fun Antique Finds

I decided to take a trip to a local antique store to see if I could find a lamp for Reese's room re-do. I went to a shop called Milan Inn-tiques in Milan, OH which is the birthplace of Thomas Edison. Milan is a small town located about 10 minutes from me and has some neat history to the town. The school is even named Edison Chargers with a lightening bolt as there mascot.

I lucked out and found a lamp for a good price. I had decided that I didn't want to spend to much on it in case it ends up in the floor in pieces on day....something I have come to expect to a degree with a toddler around. I had planned on buying a cheap wood lamp from Target and painting it. I am glad I took a look around first since I found this lamp only it only cost me $15....the same or less then a painted wood lamp and with so much more charm! I am still deciding id I want to pant the green, wood part since it doesn't really fit into the color scheme. Now to find a lamp shade and decide which fabric I want to cover the lamp shade with.

Here it is....

Here are some of the other fun things I found. I fun children's book. One of my favorite stories in the book is The Little Red Hen.

It was love at first sight when I found this box of cards....I loved the inside contents just as much.....

Some of the cards.

Some more cute cards that are blank inside. Perfect for sending little or leaving little notes to special people.

This one is my favorite...isn't she just so cute. It might have to find it's way into Reese's new room since I am going with a bird theme.

And......here is a sneak peak into Reese's room re-do. I still have to do the binding but I am so glad to have experienced hand quilting this for Reese. I can definitely say that I have blood, sweat and tears involved in this project (at least I was able to get the blood part out before it stained).

A little personal message from mom.....wish I would have attempted hand embroidering before I pieced the back together. It would have been fun to add my own handwriting to it and a little birdie would have looked perfect on it too.
Special thanks to Amanda for doing the machine embroidering for us :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trip to the Zoo & a New Hair-do

Last week we had such beautiful weather here and we decided that our first trip to the zoo of the year was in order. Reese enjoyed the zoo last year but this year she had a blast! My favorite part of the trip was after visiting the Polar Bear, she walks away and looks at us and says. "bear, roar, bear" so matter of factly. It caught us off guard and we laughed so hard. She becomes more and more fun everyday. What a great stage she is in....well, except the tantrums and the dreaded terrible two's lurking. I also did something that morning that I said I would never do....I cut some bangs in Reese's hair. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against moms that like them. I'm just not a big fan of a thick bang that most kinds with bangs have. I always hated cutting thick bangs on little kids and hated seeing them try to grow them out even more (something I am trying to do with my hair right now and it is just annoying!) I always loved the way Reese looked with her little wispies hanging down. Unfortunately they are gone now that her hair has grown so much.....so, I took the plunge and cut a thin bang and they look adorable on her. Best part, they are thin so they won't be so annoying to grown out in the future. Why did I wait so long to do this!?!?! I still have some tweaking to do on them and plan on doing it when I can get her sit still a little longer....if I can ever get her to sit still for longer. Here are a few pictures of our day at the zoo......

Checking out a dog statue.

Mama and Reese in front of the Sloth Bear...this is always a fun one since he likes to come to the glass and smell your hand.

Reese loved the Elephants!

One of her favorite parts......the aquarium.

And to end our day at the zoo, a little time at the playground area.

a little peek-a-boo

We had such a great time and ended our day with a stop at our favorite Mexican restaurants (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Mexican food!!! Yum Yum!) and a trip to Toft's!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

What fun we have had this Easter Weekend!!!! On Saturday, we went out to eat with Maga (Lee's mom), Aunt Denise (Lee's sister) and Uncle Jeff (Aunt Denise's boyfriend). We had a great dinner and then went back to Maga's house for a fun surprise from Aunt Denise and Uncle Jeff.....Reese's 1st Easter basket of the year and some fun monkey PJ's and a cute dress to wear of her swimsuits this summer. Aunt Denise also bought us some cut-outs and a variety of other cookies from "The Cookie Lady"....yum yum!!!! Here are a few pictures from our fun Saturday evening.

Reese modeling her new spring jacket (which wasn't needed on Easter...yea for warm weather!!!)

Such a pretty smile!

Oh yum!!! You're the best Aunt Denise!

Love me some M&Ms!!!

I was so excited to see Reese's reaction to the Easter Bunny's visit. She was to little last year to really understand what was going on. She was still a little confused when I went in to get her from her crib and told her the Easter Bunny had visited, but she dug right in when she saw her basket and loved every minute of it!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought Reese.

Isn't this little lamb just too cute...it was also one of Reese's favorites!

Wow...is all of this for me!!!???

Some toothpaste and a new toothbrush to go with all the sweets.
Love this expression!
Look Mama! Baa Baa
Liking her new bunny cup, but trying to figure out why it is empty.

Checking out her lamb card.

Cute little bunny....

Thankfully she loved her lamb that I made her and didn't put it down for most of the day. It even went to bed with her.

And a little sneak peak of her cute Easter outfit. I'm waiting on pictures my brother-in-law took. More to come soon!!!!

Happy Easter!!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bit of Whimsy Giveaway

I recently found out about Sarah at Bit of Whimsy when Jessica had a giveaway to celebrate her 2nd blogaversay. I knew Reese needed one for her Easter basket the second I saw Jessica's post. So, I bought the pattern for Lilly the Lamb (which was on sale for $6 last week) and made one for Reese out of left over fabric from her Easter dress (there will be post on all of Reese's fun Easter things after the bunny brings them). Sarah's e-pattern was great and easy to follow. She even has some you-tube videos found on her website that gives some tips and tricks for making her dolls. I just found out about another Bit of Whimsy giveaway from Lu Bird Baby and wanted to share it will everyone so you can have a chance to win a pattern! Good luck since I never really have any when it comes to giveaways :) Maybe this time I will win and I can get one of the other patterns I have been drooling over!

I almost bought this pattern instead of the lamb for Reese's basket....love the horns and the long ears!

Aren't her pig tails just too cute!!!!

This would be cute to make Reese for her farm themed 2nd birthday party in July!

Wouldn't one of these be adorable sticking out a stocking on Christmas morning!

Good Luck!!!!