Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally...a shopping trip for me!!!!

It's time for me to face the honest truth....I need to start thinking about myself a little more. It seems like since Reese was born, every shopping trip always revolves around finds for her....even when it started out as a trip for me! Does she need more clothes or shoes? Most of the time...not so much but that is just how it always seems to go.

One day I was trying to figure out what to wear, and I realized most of my wardrobe was from before I got married....almost 4 years ago. Sure, I have bought a piece here and there; but for the most part everything was pre-marriage and pre-baby (and boy has the body changed since then!). Finally, after telling Lee the night before Easter that I wish I had bought a $35 pair of shoes to go with the dress I was wearing the next day for Easter but didn't because I hated to spend the money. To which his response was...."but you spent $35 on Reese at a few different stores on things she didn't need. You have to start taking care of yourself!" He is right...there I said it....but he was right this time. He instructed me to take some money and go buy myself some things that I needed.....and I did!!! This past Saturday I left Reese with my sister (thanks Melissa!) and set out on a shopping trip for myself and promised that I wouldn't buy anything for Reese (I did have to take a peak in a few kids stores). I shopped until my feet ached, but it was so nice to spend a day on me! Here are a few of my finds that I can't wait to wear. Now I need to talk the Mr. into a night out I guess...hehe.

I saw this shirt during a recent trip to Target. It is from their new Liberty of London line. I love the print and the ruffles make it look so girly (which I am really loving right now). I should have bought it right then...but I probably bought something for Reese instead. Needless to say, they didn't have any in my size left when I went back to get it.

So....I settled for this one. I still really like it but I didn't love it like the other one.

But...I couldn't get the other shirt out of my mind.....I just had to have it!!! So after a few phone calls and two Target stores later...I FOUND IT (cue the heavenly music)!!!! And, to top it off, I remembered I bought a cardigan last year that is the exact color of orange. Perfect for the cool Ohio weather...when will it ever warm up!!! It will also be perfect with the pair of yellow wedge sandals I found at Target a few weeks ago (I couldn't fins a picture of them).

I also had my eye on this shirt and cardigan from New York & Co. when I was shopping for my Easter outfit. I was so happy that they still had the shirt and cardigan...and they had it in my size!!! I love the color combination.

And I found this extremely comfortable and cute denim skirt. It will be perfect for a nice dinner out with the hubby, and there is so many options for things to pair it with! Dress it up a little for church or dress it down for nice trip out.

And of course, what is a shopping trip with out a pair of shoes?!?!?! I wanted to find a few pairs of flats that would go with jeans, cropped pants and even skirts. These just fit the bill! Plus, they are very comfortable, and I just adore the flower.
I like them so much...I am thinking of getting them in pink as well! I usually am not a big fan of buying an item in multiple colors but I really adore these shoes. It's hard to find a shoe you just love adn that is so comfortable so why not! Maybe I should get them turquoise and yellow too.....that might be pushing it!
So, I have promised myself to start taking better care of myself!!! And, I promise to buy for myself and not just Reese...even though the adorable little girl's things are hard to resist (but I can not promise to avoid fabric for making Reese some cute things)!!! It will not make my less of a mom, but it will help make me a better person!!!


  1. Oooo...I love everything you got! Oh how I wish I could go shopping too...

  2. Love the L of L line at Target!!! The ruffle blouse is soooo pretty!! Yay for "me" shopping :)

  3. Good job, girl! I feel so very deprived not having a Target here :( I will live vicariously through you.
    And never feel guilty for taking care of yourself as a mom (especially when you're a doting mother like yourself). It's like the oxygen masks in an airplane- if you don't help yourself first, you won't be any good at helping anyone else!

  4. So glad to have found your blog! Your little Reese is beautiful! I realize the other day I never buy anything for myself and bought a dress at none other than Target! Love your finds!

  5. Hey girl- do you have an email address? I can let you know the prices for the paintings. Basically, the 16x20 are $125 plus shipping and the 22x28 are $175 plus shipping! YOu can email me at ErinnButeau@aol.com