Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Many Expressions of Reese.....

It seems like I stop at least once a day recently, and suddenly realize that my little peanut is growing sooo fast! She is turning into a litte girl, and almost all traces of being a toddler have faded. I love that her little personality developes a little more each day.....I thought I would share some of her fun expressions!

We are having a great Memorial Day weekend. We can't wait for a picnic and Pony rides at Mawma & Papaw's tomorrow!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally a Winner!!!!

I finally won my first blog giveaway...YEA!!!! Let me start by saying, I am a very unlucky person. I seem to be the person who never ever wins things! But, my luck changed today when I opened my email and discovered that I won this giveaway from MaryJanes and Golashes. I get my pick of any 8x10 print from a cute Esty shop called Vol 25. Now for the fun part....which print do I choose.... I am thinking it will look really nice in Reese's new room (I will finally be finished if my hubby ever decides to hang the shelf and attach the hanging brackets to the back of the pictures).

Wouldn't this be a great thing to remind the little beautiful she all the frames!

I love the title of this one "we make a happy family". I also love that it includes birds, which is kind of the theme of Reese's room.

Or what about this sweet saying and adorable blueberry

or biscuit......

But this one has stole me heart! I love the little birdie but the wellies were love at first sight.

Reese loves the wellies she got from the Easter Bunny this year (thanks Jessica). She wears them rain or shine; pants, shorts, dress, skirt or PJ's; and she can put them on all by herself. And yes, she has decided to sneak outside to play while I am busy thanks to the doggie door we have for Jerzee. Thank goodness we have a fenced in yard! I think the count of sneaks for today came to a grand total of 3!!! Yes, I think this picture will be a perfect addition to the little peanut's new room!

Hopefully I am just starting a very long winning streak!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

For the love of shoes and purses!!!!

My daughter is a girl after my own heart!!! She loves purses (especially Vera Bradley) and she loves shoes even more!

A few months ago, Lee and I decided to have a weight loss challenge to help each of us shed a few pounds. Of course, a challenge isn't a challenge without a prize at the end. We each chose what we wanted to win if we were the one to win. Lee chose for me to mow the grass for the first 4 times of the season if he won and I chose a new Vera Bradley purse if I was lucky enough to win. Let me just add that Lee almost always wins any competition that we have. I was so excited to find out that I was the winner after the 6 weeks ended. I finally went and bought my purse last Thursday, and I decided I needed a wallet to match (even though that wasn't in the deal....hehe). I love the design of the Morgan bag and the function of the Turn Lock wallet. But, I am in absolute love with the fabric-Sittin' in a Tree!!! Here is what I ended up picking.

Reese ended up carrying three different purses around the store that she wanted. She was even more excited when I came home and pulled the one I bought out of the bag. She grabbed it, put it on her arm and went to show daddy. Daddy was very clear in his response...."Don't even think that I am going to go buy you one!" To which I of course I answered, "Oh come on Daddy, every little girl needs a purse!" Maybe I will luck out and find her a cheap one on ebay sometime soon.

We made a trip to Gymboree yesterday while I was in town visiting my parents, getting my hair trimmed at the salon I use to work at and having dinner with a few good friends from Mansfield. My main reason for going to Gymboree in the first place was to buy Reese some bigger socks since I had a few coupons that were getting ready to expire and her feet took a sudden growth spurt. Of course, Reese spotted the shoes as soon as we got there (I swear she can spot the shoes from a mile away). So, we had to try some one...which is what we always do at any store we got to that sells shoes. She fell in love with 2 different pairs of sandals. She did need some cute summery shoes. I have been putting off buying any since I couldn't find what I really wanted. Lucky for me I like what she picked out, they were colors that would match al lot of her clothes and both pairs were on sale for $19.49 with an additional 20% off and I had a 20% off coupon as well. Which brought them down to (drum roll please) $12.47!!!! Great buy if you ask me! Here is what she picked out...
We are a family that LOVES ice cream so these are perfect. I love how Reese says ice cream, so I am happy that I will get to hear it more :)
I thought these were adorable, but Reese doesn't have much, if any, purple in her summer wardrobe. So, I had to pass on them.
I think these would be adorable for her farm themed birthday party or for all those rides on the pony she will be getting to have this summer. I might have to keep on eye out on them to see if they still have them when they get marked down more and buy them for the fall....We love anything horse related here...or as Reese calls horses or ponies....neighs.
Mama is loving it all and daddy....well, he is in for a lot of trouble!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

To Sew or Not to Sew.....

I have been drooling over some fun ideas for new sewing projects for Reese. She really doesn't need any more summer clothes....but I still love to look and create things in my mind. I fell in love with this fabric as soon as I saw it on Keri from lovely little handmades' etsy shop. She is also doing a fabric giveaway on her blog right now....Maybe I will luck out and win and be able to get this fabric for free :)

It would be adorable paired with a hand embroidered apron of this cute bunny that I found on the blog doe-c-doe. She offers a ton of free...yes I said free...embroidery patterns. I used a birdie one on a pillow in Reese's room.

I bought some Moda Funky Monkey fabric a while back since Reese just adores sock monkeys. I came across this cute dress and thought it was good inspiration. It was so similar to what I had in mind. The fabrics I bought are different fabrics then the ones used in this dress but would still look so adorable. I am also thinking a striped work skirt on the dress would be cute and a good way to use all the different fabrics. It will make a cute outfit for the fall for sure!

I still have some Moda Swell fabric in my stash that I want to use but have been waiting for the exact design to might stay in the stash until next spring...hehe... I am using the picnic plaid in red that my wonderful and generous friend, Angel, so graciously sent me for pants for Reese's birthday outfit. I'm glad I will be able to use the pants with two tops!

I also am planning on using these two fabrics for a reversable pinafore top for Reese this fall. Maybe I will even embleshish a pair of jeans to match....

And of course there is the fabric that I mentioned in my last blog. A dress or top for Reese out of the Moda Happy Camper fabric is first on my list since I am getting her pictures taken in the next few weeks. I thought it would be cute on her 2nd birthday invites. I am planning a farm birthday party and she is thrilled!
Guess I better get busy since I am still finishing up on her new room!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back in Business!!!!

Yea!!!!! I received a very fun and long a waited package from Fed-Ex today.....our new laptop!!!! No more trips to the library or my sister's house to check email. And.....I can finally blog again!!! I thought I would fill you in on a few things that have happen since my last post.

A short trip......

I was able to take an over night trip to Amish Country with Lee. We had such a great time together, but I have to admit....there were a few times that I looked at Lee and told him I felt like I should be doing something. What did I do with all my time before Reese came along?!?!? Oh, that is right....I was in shape, my skin was taken care of, my pedicures always looked great and I never had regrowth or a grown out hair cut. I wouldn't trade being a mom for all the things I use to be able to do, but it would be nice to have some spare time for just me :) We stayed at a really nice hotel. Here are a few views from the hotel's balcony....breathtaking!!!!

We shopped at some of the many, many shops and we ate some of the best food ever!!! My favorite thing to shop for there is fabric. They have a few good shops, but I really lucked out when we stopped at my favorite shop. They were having there annual anniversary sale and the whole store was 30% off. It was like Christmas morning....all that designer fabric and it was all 30% off!!!! Lee was very scared when he saw the sign. I lucked out and found some fun striped knit fabric in the clearance section for $2.50/yd. plus 30% off. Here are a few of my fabric finds.....

I loved this fabric the second I saw it....definitely love at first sight! I bought enough for a shirt or dress for Reese and a skirt for me. I am thinking of using this pattern from YCMT for Reese's and am planning a shirred waist skirt for me. I am planning on pairing Reese's with some new yellow pants (more an them below).

I also found these two fabrics and bought them for me...yes, fabric for me and not Reese. I haven't decided what I want to make out of them. Maybe a fun, girly apron or a skirt or maybe even a shirt....any suggestions????


I found this cute dress at Carter's outlet. I was so happy to find such an adorable dress at such a great price...only$12 plus I used a coupon and saved 20% off my entire purchase. I looked and looked for a cute pair of yellow pants or leggings. I was getting a little annoyed...then it clicked.....I can make a pair. I bought some nice, bright yellow knit fabric. I must admit that I was nervous as soon as I had them cut the fabric. I haven't really sewed with knit, but I was determined to try. I think they came out great. Knit is definitely a little tricky, but anything you try is different at first. I am ready to tackle more knit projects now!!!!

Mother's Day......

Lee had to work on Mother's Day but we still had a fun and very busy weekend. My mom came up to visit Saturday morning. I cut and colored her hair. Then we met up with my sister and her 3 kids and had brunch at Bob Evan's. Later that day we went out with some of Lee's family. On Mother's Day morning, Lee surprised me by going into work a little late so he could make me breakfast in bed. I actually decided to sneak into Reese's room and cuddle with her in her new big girl bed. She loves it as much as I do. We all had a yummy breakfast in her bed. It was so fun!! Lee also surprised me with my very first apron. It gets even better!!!! It was a Vera Bradley love love VB!!! It was actually my gift from Reese. Guess I better hurry up and make her an apron so we can get our bake on. Lee also bought me a nice, simple pair of white gold hoop earrings. I was able to have lunch with my MIL and Reese and spend the rest of the day with my peanut. I am so blessed and love that I am a mother!!!

Here are our annual Mother's Day pictures. Unfortunately Reese wasn't very cooperative and Lee was in a rush to get to work on time. I still love that I will have them for years to come......

What did you say, Daddy.....

Telling mama a story......
OK we will just settle for a kiss.....

Reese's 1st sleep-over....

I have had my friend's two little ones since Tuesday. Luckily we were able to get Reese into her new bed in time for them. Addison was able to sleep Reese and Graham camped out in Reese's crib that we moved to my sewing room. I figured I wouldn't have time for any sewing since I would be keeping up with 3 instead of do you mother's of multiple kids do it!?!?! I guess is would help if they were spaced a little more apart in age, but I exhausted!!! There mom & dad will be home in the morning. Hopefully, my house will look less like a tornado blew through it! I think Reese talked Addison's ear off the first night, but it got much better after that :) Here are a couple pictures of Reese and Addison at bedtime.

A little playing around......

and LOTS of laughs......

I can't wait to capture many more sleep-overs!!!!

Sorry for the long post...but that's what happens when you have to go so long without posting a blog. I have been working on getting Reese's room finished and it is slowly getting there. Hopefully I can get more done after we are back to normal. Hopefully the big post will be very, very soon!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still Alive

My computer has been broke for over 2 weeks now and is still not fixed...ugh!!! I have been running to the library or to my wonderful sister's house to check email...let me tell you, it's getting really old!!! Hopefully it will get fixed soon so I can get back to the blog world!

I have been busy, busy and wanted to share a little. I had the opportunity to attend a weekend of sewing at a B&B my friend's mom has. It was my first night away from Reese since she was 5 months. Let me tell you, it was way overdue!! I was able to finish up some sewing for Reese's big girl room (more on that to come) and just chat with some old and new friends. The food that the owner of the B&B made was out of this world and in grand supply! I might have gained 5 pounds in the day and a half I was there (I didn't weigh myself thankfully), but it was worth it! I was up until almost 4:00am, so I can't say I had nice, long, restful night, but I so enjoyed myself. I was so caught up in the sewing and food that I completely for got to get my camera out :(

And even more exciting.....Reese's big girl room is in the process of getting a make-over!!!

Here is what her room looked like before we began. A nice shade of blue.....

Now a fresh shade a Pale Daffodil.....

Reese really wasn't into the whole painting thing (not that I blame her!), but I was able to get a shot of her helping daddy.

Exploring her new, huge bed.....

She wasn't really sure what to make of her new room when she first saw it, but she warmed up quickly.

My little peanut's first night in her big girl bed! She looked so little when I laid her down. The first night was a little rough, but she has adjusted sooo well. I am one proud Mama!

We still have to get her dresser and hang things on the wall. I will be posting pictures of her room when it is all finished (I am hoping that will be soon!)

We have also been enjoying the nice weather we are having. Reese is especially enjoying the trips to the park. Can you tell that she loves the swing!!! I think she asks to swing every time we get in the car. This is going to be a fun summer for our family!

And lastly, I am so excited for the next two days. I am finally getting the opportunity to go out of town over night alone with my husband. We are headed to Amish Co. to pick Reese's dresser up and to enjoy lots of shopping and food! I am hoping to post pictures when we get back. It is such a pretty place!