Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally a Winner!!!!

I finally won my first blog giveaway...YEA!!!! Let me start by saying, I am a very unlucky person. I seem to be the person who never ever wins things! But, my luck changed today when I opened my email and discovered that I won this giveaway from MaryJanes and Golashes. I get my pick of any 8x10 print from a cute Esty shop called Vol 25. Now for the fun part....which print do I choose.... I am thinking it will look really nice in Reese's new room (I will finally be finished if my hubby ever decides to hang the shelf and attach the hanging brackets to the back of the pictures).

Wouldn't this be a great thing to remind the little beautiful she all the frames!

I love the title of this one "we make a happy family". I also love that it includes birds, which is kind of the theme of Reese's room.

Or what about this sweet saying and adorable blueberry

or biscuit......

But this one has stole me heart! I love the little birdie but the wellies were love at first sight.

Reese loves the wellies she got from the Easter Bunny this year (thanks Jessica). She wears them rain or shine; pants, shorts, dress, skirt or PJ's; and she can put them on all by herself. And yes, she has decided to sneak outside to play while I am busy thanks to the doggie door we have for Jerzee. Thank goodness we have a fenced in yard! I think the count of sneaks for today came to a grand total of 3!!! Yes, I think this picture will be a perfect addition to the little peanut's new room!

Hopefully I am just starting a very long winning streak!!!

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