Sunday, May 23, 2010

For the love of shoes and purses!!!!

My daughter is a girl after my own heart!!! She loves purses (especially Vera Bradley) and she loves shoes even more!

A few months ago, Lee and I decided to have a weight loss challenge to help each of us shed a few pounds. Of course, a challenge isn't a challenge without a prize at the end. We each chose what we wanted to win if we were the one to win. Lee chose for me to mow the grass for the first 4 times of the season if he won and I chose a new Vera Bradley purse if I was lucky enough to win. Let me just add that Lee almost always wins any competition that we have. I was so excited to find out that I was the winner after the 6 weeks ended. I finally went and bought my purse last Thursday, and I decided I needed a wallet to match (even though that wasn't in the deal....hehe). I love the design of the Morgan bag and the function of the Turn Lock wallet. But, I am in absolute love with the fabric-Sittin' in a Tree!!! Here is what I ended up picking.

Reese ended up carrying three different purses around the store that she wanted. She was even more excited when I came home and pulled the one I bought out of the bag. She grabbed it, put it on her arm and went to show daddy. Daddy was very clear in his response...."Don't even think that I am going to go buy you one!" To which I of course I answered, "Oh come on Daddy, every little girl needs a purse!" Maybe I will luck out and find her a cheap one on ebay sometime soon.

We made a trip to Gymboree yesterday while I was in town visiting my parents, getting my hair trimmed at the salon I use to work at and having dinner with a few good friends from Mansfield. My main reason for going to Gymboree in the first place was to buy Reese some bigger socks since I had a few coupons that were getting ready to expire and her feet took a sudden growth spurt. Of course, Reese spotted the shoes as soon as we got there (I swear she can spot the shoes from a mile away). So, we had to try some one...which is what we always do at any store we got to that sells shoes. She fell in love with 2 different pairs of sandals. She did need some cute summery shoes. I have been putting off buying any since I couldn't find what I really wanted. Lucky for me I like what she picked out, they were colors that would match al lot of her clothes and both pairs were on sale for $19.49 with an additional 20% off and I had a 20% off coupon as well. Which brought them down to (drum roll please) $12.47!!!! Great buy if you ask me! Here is what she picked out...
We are a family that LOVES ice cream so these are perfect. I love how Reese says ice cream, so I am happy that I will get to hear it more :)
I thought these were adorable, but Reese doesn't have much, if any, purple in her summer wardrobe. So, I had to pass on them.
I think these would be adorable for her farm themed birthday party or for all those rides on the pony she will be getting to have this summer. I might have to keep on eye out on them to see if they still have them when they get marked down more and buy them for the fall....We love anything horse related here...or as Reese calls horses or ponies....neighs.
Mama is loving it all and daddy....well, he is in for a lot of trouble!!!!


  1. So cute! I wish we lived closer so you could take me shopping-you find such cute stuff. Those ice cream shoes are to die for!
    And I had a dream about Gymboree shoes last night. Seriously. And we don't even have a Gymboree here (;

  2. Love that Vera pattern!! Congrats on winning the challenge :)

    Love all the shoes too! A girl after my own heart :) Check Target for cowboy boots this fall. I got a super cute pair of pink ones for Grace on clearance last season that I can't wait to see on her this year.