Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Apple Pickin' Good Time

Ever since Reese was born, I have been wanting to join the local MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) group. I knew it would be a great way to meet new Christian friends and also a great way for Reese to spend time with other kids her age. My schedule never seemed to permit me to join until this year. The group meets once a month and also has a mom & kid day once a month. I wasn't able to make it to the first meeting since it was on our anniversary, but I was able to go to the first mom & kid day. We went to a local apple orchard for a few hours of fun.

First fun thing on the list was to go out to some of the apple trees for some fun apple pickin'.

Reese got busy picking an apple. Golden delicious was first on our list.....

Then a yummy Jonathan.....OOOOHHHH an apple!!! After her second apple, she was finished. She just wanted to carried this apple around for a while and refused to pick more. Maybe next year she will better understand the concept :)

Next on the list was a fun hayride around the farm. They have rows and rows of apple, peach and cherry trees. They also have a few acres of pumpkins and gourds.....Reese loves pumpkins right now and was very excited when she saw the pumpkins.

Then we were able to check out the apple package process, as well as, watch them make some yummy apple cider. We found this guy along the way. Reese was very amused and wanted her picture with him.

Then what better way to end our fun trip then........

An apple cup full of full strength APPLE CIDER.....yum yum!!!!

So of course we had to get some to bring home for daddy.....and for us too!!!
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Here's to many more fun memories to come with our new MOPS friends!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wishin' and Hopin'

I have to admit that ever since I finished Reese's big girl room re-do...I have been really wanting to have a new fun space in my bedroom as well! While I don't hate my current room, it is starting to look ho hum and the bedding is really starting to show wear. Now I would love to make another quilt...but not sure I am up to the challenge or the price! It cost me just as much if not more to make Reese's quilt then it would to have csot me to buy one. I am so glad that I made it, but not ready to jump back into such a huge project! Plus, we have a California King size bed which equals a big quilt! We have also been with out a head board since we got married four years ago. Again, California King=large price tag.

I have been getting request from some family members for a Christmas list. Yes, Christmas is still three months away, but we like to get a head start around here. I started to think of things I need, but also of things I would love to have but wouldn't buy for myself....isn't that part of Christmas :) This all got me thinking of the "want" to re-do our bedroom. I started browsing to see if anything stuck out in the hopes I could add it to my Christmas list and that (fingers crossed) Santa will deliver. I found this quilt while browsing....aka drooling....on Pottery Barn's website. Can I just say that I am in love!!!! It is the quilt on the left.
Doesn't this look like a great place to take a nice long snooze!!!

Here is a closer view of it.

Love love love all the color options to use for the walls. Tan or a nice shade of khaki would be nice and neutral. A shade of blue would be more shabby chic. But, my favorite would be a nice warm shade of yellow....nice and cozy! I am loving yellow right now and have thought of all different shades that would work in various rooms of my house...ssshhh don't tell Lee! I am pretty sure he would never let me re-paint rooms anytime soon.

I also would love to add some home-made pillows to the matching pillow shams. Again, so many fabric and color options! I think a nice hand embroidered scripture pillow would be lovely (can you tell I am jelous of the little peanuts room...hehe).

Our night stands and dressers are nice stained oak and in great condition, so there would be no change there. But, I really really want a headboard. I have been wanting Lee to make me one for a long time, but I am pretty sure that will not happen anytime soon. I even showed him the farm house bed plans from Ana on Knock-Off Wood numerous times! Or even this simple headboard made from one of Ana's plans. As I said before, buying a headboard to match the other furniture pieces is out of the quiestion. So, I started to think of options I had. I am sure I saw the idea somewhere before, but using an antique panel door turned on it's side with crown molding added to the top popped into my head. Here are a few examples I found.

Love the aqua lamp in the picture above!

Not a fan of the blue color or the door knobs but love the style of the door in the above picture.

For the finish on the door, I am thinking a nice shade of off white and distressed, or red and distressed to add a fun pop of color!
Now to find the perfect door for cheap and to cross my fingers that Santa leaves the bedding for me on Christmas morning!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Day......

Four Years Ago I Married My Best Friend.....

I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with a loving husband, a best friend and a great father for my little peanut!!! I always love to look back on our wedding photos and remember all the excitement that surrounded our wedding day. We had perfect weather, a gorgeous location (for Ohio that is) and was surrounded by our loving family! Our honeymoon was perfect as well and was a much needed, relaxing vacation for us both. After a 2 month engagement, me graduating Cosmetology School the day before our wedding and Lee finishing work on the house he bought the weekend he proposed....we were more then ready to sit back and relax! What were we thinking :) Sorry for the poor quality of the pics (bad scan job for sure) but I decided re-scanning pics was not in the works for tonight!

We had originally planned to have our wedding on a beach in Florida with just our close family there. Lee found this great location and somehow talked me in to staying close to home for our wedding. I am so thankful that my Daddo and Lee's Grandma was able to attend since we had the wedding close. They were our only living grandparents. Daddo went to be with the Lord in November, right after Thanksgiving, and Grandma Estie followed in June. So glad we have this picture to keep and remember!!!

So young and in love (and thin...hehe)!!!

Oh to be there again!!!!

Happy Anniversary, Babe!!! I can't wait to see what the years hold for us!!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adorable Shoes for Sale!!!

Bought this pair of shoes for Reese to wear this fall, and she decided to have a growth spurt and they will be too small. So so sad...they are so adorable on and comfy!

Morgan & Milo size 7.5 (fit more like a size 7)



$25 plus $5 shipping.

Please let me know if you are interested!