Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Day......

Four Years Ago I Married My Best Friend.....

I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with a loving husband, a best friend and a great father for my little peanut!!! I always love to look back on our wedding photos and remember all the excitement that surrounded our wedding day. We had perfect weather, a gorgeous location (for Ohio that is) and was surrounded by our loving family! Our honeymoon was perfect as well and was a much needed, relaxing vacation for us both. After a 2 month engagement, me graduating Cosmetology School the day before our wedding and Lee finishing work on the house he bought the weekend he proposed....we were more then ready to sit back and relax! What were we thinking :) Sorry for the poor quality of the pics (bad scan job for sure) but I decided re-scanning pics was not in the works for tonight!

We had originally planned to have our wedding on a beach in Florida with just our close family there. Lee found this great location and somehow talked me in to staying close to home for our wedding. I am so thankful that my Daddo and Lee's Grandma was able to attend since we had the wedding close. They were our only living grandparents. Daddo went to be with the Lord in November, right after Thanksgiving, and Grandma Estie followed in June. So glad we have this picture to keep and remember!!!

So young and in love (and thin...hehe)!!!

Oh to be there again!!!!

Happy Anniversary, Babe!!! I can't wait to see what the years hold for us!!!!


  1. Loved seeing the wedding pics! You look stunning!!

  2. Marrying your best friend is the bomb!!!! Congrats to you what a handsome couple you make a beautiful bride, Jennifer