Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wishin' and Hopin'

I have to admit that ever since I finished Reese's big girl room re-do...I have been really wanting to have a new fun space in my bedroom as well! While I don't hate my current room, it is starting to look ho hum and the bedding is really starting to show wear. Now I would love to make another quilt...but not sure I am up to the challenge or the price! It cost me just as much if not more to make Reese's quilt then it would to have csot me to buy one. I am so glad that I made it, but not ready to jump back into such a huge project! Plus, we have a California King size bed which equals a big quilt! We have also been with out a head board since we got married four years ago. Again, California King=large price tag.

I have been getting request from some family members for a Christmas list. Yes, Christmas is still three months away, but we like to get a head start around here. I started to think of things I need, but also of things I would love to have but wouldn't buy for myself....isn't that part of Christmas :) This all got me thinking of the "want" to re-do our bedroom. I started browsing to see if anything stuck out in the hopes I could add it to my Christmas list and that (fingers crossed) Santa will deliver. I found this quilt while browsing....aka drooling....on Pottery Barn's website. Can I just say that I am in love!!!! It is the quilt on the left.
Doesn't this look like a great place to take a nice long snooze!!!

Here is a closer view of it.

Love love love all the color options to use for the walls. Tan or a nice shade of khaki would be nice and neutral. A shade of blue would be more shabby chic. But, my favorite would be a nice warm shade of yellow....nice and cozy! I am loving yellow right now and have thought of all different shades that would work in various rooms of my house...ssshhh don't tell Lee! I am pretty sure he would never let me re-paint rooms anytime soon.

I also would love to add some home-made pillows to the matching pillow shams. Again, so many fabric and color options! I think a nice hand embroidered scripture pillow would be lovely (can you tell I am jelous of the little peanuts room...hehe).

Our night stands and dressers are nice stained oak and in great condition, so there would be no change there. But, I really really want a headboard. I have been wanting Lee to make me one for a long time, but I am pretty sure that will not happen anytime soon. I even showed him the farm house bed plans from Ana on Knock-Off Wood numerous times! Or even this simple headboard made from one of Ana's plans. As I said before, buying a headboard to match the other furniture pieces is out of the quiestion. So, I started to think of options I had. I am sure I saw the idea somewhere before, but using an antique panel door turned on it's side with crown molding added to the top popped into my head. Here are a few examples I found.

Love the aqua lamp in the picture above!

Not a fan of the blue color or the door knobs but love the style of the door in the above picture.

For the finish on the door, I am thinking a nice shade of off white and distressed, or red and distressed to add a fun pop of color!
Now to find the perfect door for cheap and to cross my fingers that Santa leaves the bedding for me on Christmas morning!!!


  1. I love love love that quilt too! And that first picture of the door headboard is my favorite. Yellow is such a gorgeous color, go for it! My kitchen will making the switch to yellow as soon as I can find the time. I hope you get your quilt and that new sewing machine you want too. :)

  2. LOVE the yellow door headboard!!! Fingers crossed you find a really fun door to re-do...and that Santa sees how good you've been all year and brings you that new sewing machine *wink*