Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Duck Love

I am finally getting around to posting Reese's Easter pictures.  The dress was a big topic this year!  I had something else planned, and then Reese told me what she wanted.  Definitely a newer phase for me.  How could I not give in and give her what she wanted!  Her only request.....a duck dress! 

I immediately thought of a cute embroidery pattern I had in my stash..  After a fabric shopping trip, a duck dress was born in my mind.   I was lucky enough to be invited to a weekend of chatting and a little sewing by a new, sweet friend. I had such a great time and was able to finish up a few sewing projects (which I hope to share as soon as our rainy weather goes away) including this dress.

Papaw search and search for some baby ducks for Reese's photo shoot.  He pulled through (like always) and Reese was thrilled.  I thought for sure she would be scared of them and not want to touch them.  Boy was I wrong!!!  I had to encourage her to love on them gently the entire day. 

On Easter morning, Reese looked at me and sweetly said......"Thanks, Mama, for making my dress!  I wub it!"  Melt my heart!!! That alone made all the time I out into making it worth while!!

Thanks Laura for another great photo shoot!!! 

And a huge thank you to Papaw for Reese's ducks and Mamaw for putting up with the ducks!