Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Fun Antique Finds

I decided to take a trip to a local antique store to see if I could find a lamp for Reese's room re-do. I went to a shop called Milan Inn-tiques in Milan, OH which is the birthplace of Thomas Edison. Milan is a small town located about 10 minutes from me and has some neat history to the town. The school is even named Edison Chargers with a lightening bolt as there mascot.

I lucked out and found a lamp for a good price. I had decided that I didn't want to spend to much on it in case it ends up in the floor in pieces on day....something I have come to expect to a degree with a toddler around. I had planned on buying a cheap wood lamp from Target and painting it. I am glad I took a look around first since I found this lamp only it only cost me $15....the same or less then a painted wood lamp and with so much more charm! I am still deciding id I want to pant the green, wood part since it doesn't really fit into the color scheme. Now to find a lamp shade and decide which fabric I want to cover the lamp shade with.

Here it is....

Here are some of the other fun things I found. I fun children's book. One of my favorite stories in the book is The Little Red Hen.

It was love at first sight when I found this box of cards....I loved the inside contents just as much.....

Some of the cards.

Some more cute cards that are blank inside. Perfect for sending little or leaving little notes to special people.

This one is my favorite...isn't she just so cute. It might have to find it's way into Reese's new room since I am going with a bird theme. is a sneak peak into Reese's room re-do. I still have to do the binding but I am so glad to have experienced hand quilting this for Reese. I can definitely say that I have blood, sweat and tears involved in this project (at least I was able to get the blood part out before it stained).

A little personal message from mom.....wish I would have attempted hand embroidering before I pieced the back together. It would have been fun to add my own handwriting to it and a little birdie would have looked perfect on it too.
Special thanks to Amanda for doing the machine embroidering for us :)


  1. What great find! I vote for painting the green part of the lamp, aqua. It would work beautifully with the white and her quilt.

    Her quilt is gorgeous! I'm excited to see her finished room. It's going to be so cheery. And you can never go wrong with a bird theme. ;)

  2. I'm with Angel on the lamp - aqua would be GORGEOUS and would go so well with the bird doily you showed me, which by the way I could totally see shadowboxed with some baby mementos, peeking out from a drawer, sewn into a decorative pillow or even displayed in an embroidery hoop if it wouldn't damage it. So many possibilities! Love the quilt and all the fabrics...and that sweet note too! BTW, did you know Reese & Kennedy were both on my hubbie's short list for a girl ;)

  3. I was thinking aqua too since I am painting an existing shelf and some picture frames in aqua :) Maybe I should hire you, Jessica, to add some finishing touches to the room when I get it started since all of your ideas are always great! I didn't know that Reese and Kennedy were on your short list. We were deciding between Reese and Grace :) If we have a girl next it will be Grace just to warn you. Too funny!

    Angel-thanks for the vote of confidence on the color scheme. I have been second guessing it the last few weeks...not that I can change it!

  4. Amber, your quilt looks fantastic!! I can't believe you hand-quilted it. You are a super hero! Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  5. Adrianna-Thanks but I had lots of help!!! I was pretty slow at the whole hand quilting but I surprised myslef by how fast I caught on :)