Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

What fun we have had this Easter Weekend!!!! On Saturday, we went out to eat with Maga (Lee's mom), Aunt Denise (Lee's sister) and Uncle Jeff (Aunt Denise's boyfriend). We had a great dinner and then went back to Maga's house for a fun surprise from Aunt Denise and Uncle Jeff.....Reese's 1st Easter basket of the year and some fun monkey PJ's and a cute dress to wear of her swimsuits this summer. Aunt Denise also bought us some cut-outs and a variety of other cookies from "The Cookie Lady"....yum yum!!!! Here are a few pictures from our fun Saturday evening.

Reese modeling her new spring jacket (which wasn't needed on Easter...yea for warm weather!!!)

Such a pretty smile!

Oh yum!!! You're the best Aunt Denise!

Love me some M&Ms!!!

I was so excited to see Reese's reaction to the Easter Bunny's visit. She was to little last year to really understand what was going on. She was still a little confused when I went in to get her from her crib and told her the Easter Bunny had visited, but she dug right in when she saw her basket and loved every minute of it!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought Reese.

Isn't this little lamb just too was also one of Reese's favorites! all of this for me!!!???

Some toothpaste and a new toothbrush to go with all the sweets.
Love this expression!
Look Mama! Baa Baa
Liking her new bunny cup, but trying to figure out why it is empty.

Checking out her lamb card.

Cute little bunny....

Thankfully she loved her lamb that I made her and didn't put it down for most of the day. It even went to bed with her.

And a little sneak peak of her cute Easter outfit. I'm waiting on pictures my brother-in-law took. More to come soon!!!!

Happy Easter!!!!!


  1. Such fun digging into all her goodies!! She's going to love her wellies! Can't wait to see the gorgeous Easter outfit on her :)

  2. She had to wear them to play today :) I might have some pictures just like little Grace in the near future...but I am loving it :)

  3. I love how sweet her Easter basket looks. The lamb you made is just precious. I think I need to make some of those Whimsy dolls too. Can't wait to see your big dress reveal. :)