Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day FUN!!!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!!
It was a weekend stuffed full of family, friends, yummy food and tons of fun!!! On Saturday, we had some of Lee's family over for dinner. On Sunday, my favorite cousin, Kristin (who is visiting from VA), and I did a little shopping. Then we picked Lee and Reese up and had a yummy dinner at Red Lobster. We went to my parent's house on Monday for a cook-out and tons of fun!!! Here are a few activities from Monday.

I am needing a cute picture for Reese's upcoming birthday invites. This was the best I was able to get. I love it, but wish her hair wasn't in her face. I was hoping for a cute one since Papaw has so many farm related props....guess another photo shoot might be in the near future.

This is my beautiful niece, Taylor!

Now for all the fun!!!

We played a little corn hole......

Drove a car or two.....

Tried out our cousin's helmet and scooter.......

And for the most fun part of the day......

Meet Lucy....one of my Papaw's Ponies

Here is Papaw in between giving us all rides....

Reese LOVED the pony ride(like always) and refused to get off. I think her birthday party is going to be a big hit :)

Well, the pony cart decided to get a flat when Reese and I were riding. Unfortunately, I was the one who got to walk back to the house while Reese and Papaw rode.

This is how the kids decided to stay busy while Papaw fixed the flat tire (thankfully my sister was the one who got to pull them around and not me!)

My dad has picked up some fun things through the years and my mom has started digging some out. Here are a few I found fun through out the day.

This neat metal bowl found it's way home with me :) Thanks mom!!!

This is my dad's hat and lunch pail from when he worked in the cole mines when we lived in Virginia.

My dad is always buying old washing machines. He sells some and keeps a few. He actually uses them to wash his work clothes and swears they clean tons better then a more modern machines :) I just like the way they look and plan on using the one I already have.

And if the day wasn't busy enough.....after our hour and 15 minute drive home....I stayed up and made this yummy cake for Lee to take into work today.
This is one of my favorite summer time desserts. It is a white cake (strawberry is also yummy) and layered with heavy whipping cream that I whip until it is nice and fluffy and add some powdered sugar and vanilla too. I also put some fresh strawberries in the middle layer. I have also used blueberries and raspberries as well. It is so light and refreshing!!! Unfortunately I didn't even get one bite...that makes me one good wife if you ask me!
I hope you all had a great weekend as well filled with family and fun!


  1. What a fun weekend!! Did you make Reese's top? It's too cute! Great job on the cake - it looks yummy!

    Getting excited for you and Reese on her upcoming farm birthday. It's going to be a blast!

  2. Jessica~I did make Reese's top. I use the same pattern that Angel used for her girl's Easter dresses. I wish it would have been a little longer, but I have plenty of fabric left and am thinking of making a dress with it too :)

  3. Love the top! It came out really sweet.
    And the enamelware bowl-awesome! I love it when I find goodies like that-even better when they're from family (: