Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun in the Sun!!!

It has been way to long since the last post!!! I have been so busy trying to get everything ready for Reese's 2nd birthday this Friday and for her Farm Birthday Party this Saturday. We also have been spending all our free time (and not so free time) at Soak City (one of my favorite things about summer!!!) We have an amusement park (Cedar Point) that is about 15 minutes from our house that we get passes to every year. The park also has a water park that we can use our passes for. Soak City is usually where I spend a lot of my summer. Here is a few pictures of Reese from one of our weekend visits to Soak City. It is hard to get her to slow down long enough for a good picture...she LOVES to go "swimming". The other day I actually decided to stay home and try to catch up on some things...despite the 90+ temps. Reese came up to me and said, "Mama, I want to go swimming, go put on my swim suit!". Boy, is her speech improving :)

I hope everyone is enjoying so summer fun too!!!


  1. I hope Reese has the best birthday and birthday party! She is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Mary Beth!!! MG is one beautiful little girl as well!!! I hope her birthday party goes well on Saturday!

  3. i love that suit! i did debate on that one...isn't it gymboree?