Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Cake, a New Kitchen & a Fiesta!!!

My little Reese turned "2" last Friday. Daddy decided to take the day off, and we spent the day doing things that Reese would enjoy. She woke up to daddy and mommy singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Then she asked for breakfast.....what do you eat for breakfast on your birthday....C-A-K-E of course!!! And I was a fun mom and let her have it, it was her birthday after all!
After we got showered and dressed, we headed out to see Toy Story 3. It was Reese's first trip to the movie theater (besides a trip with mommy and daddy when she was 2 mo. old). She did so well and really enjoyed the movie. The Wendy's fries and chicken nuggets we were able to sneak in helped out too!
We then went back home and put the birthday girl down for a nap while me and Lee finished her birthday gift. Nothing like working on it to the very last minute :) We made Reese a new kitchen using plans from Knock Off Wood. I had enough paint left from the shelf I painted for her room to paint the kitchen with. I am so happy with how it turned out. We do have to do a slight modification to the oven door, but other then that it turned out well. I made a curtain for under the sink out of fabric that I used in her quilt to hide some of her kitchen goodies. I also used some scraps left over from her quilt and made a few embroidered towels. She LOVES her new kitchen and has played with it almost non-stop since her birthday. I love that she now has something besides my sewing room to keep her busy while I am getting ready!

(click on the picture to enlarge)

I'm thinking I need to add something above the sink and looks a little bare. Any suggestions???

We finished off her birthday with a trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa Las Palmas, for dinner. She wasn't sure about them singing to her......

(Our favorite waiter, Pedro, is the one on the far left....he has been our requested waiter since before I was even pregnant with Reese)

Still not sure about the singing.....

But she loved the dessert they brought her!!!

Yum Yum!!!!

We always end our Casa Las Palmas trips by saying "Hello" to the horses that are behind the restaurant.

What a fun Birthday Reese had!!!!


  1. Yay for a super fun "Reese Day" :) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tee dress you made her (and of course the bows too, he he he)!

    Her little kitchen is so sweet! Is it aqua blue? Swoon! The tea towels are perfect. How about hanging some vintage kitchen signs above it - a fun mixture of tin, canvas, framed, etc. And how about one that reads "Reese's Kitchen/Bakery/Pantry" or some other fun words? And if you want to be reaaaally creative, how about hanging some curtains on the wall 3D style so that it looks like a tent opening into her kitchen ;)

    Now...can we come over and play? ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Reese! Looks like she had THE best day! I am so in love with the kitchen you made her. Where was Knock-Off-Wood when we were spending way too much money on ours? Yours is so much sweeter.

    How about buying a blank wrapped canvas and wrapping coordinating fabric from her quilt that you can applique something on, around the frame? Or a chalkboard with a red frame around it? Or an old multi-pane window you can attach curtains to the front of to be a pretend window there? Maybe paint some flowers on the wall behind it too. I love Jessica's idea of vintage signs too. i bet you could paint one yourself with cherries on it.

    Great job Amber (and Daddy too of course)!

  3. Thanks for all the good ideas!! I will have to browse around and see what catches my eye. Love the window idea, the chalkboard would be fun, and loving the personlized sign idea!

    Angel-I am so excited to hear from you! I have missed you!!! Just to make you feel a little cost more then I expected :)

  4. Oh, and Jessica, about the MIL bought Reese the shirt and gave it to me a while ago. Of course, I couldn't just put it on with a pair of shorts. So, I told her I was going to cut it off and make it into a dress....if you could only see the "deer in headlights" look I then got. It was priceless. She loved the finished product though. I am hoping it will fit next year with a pair of leggings :)

  5. He He He...I bet your sister was horrified at first that her NEW gift would be cut to pieces, LOL! Sounds like something I would say/do! But once she saw the finished product...:)

    I have a fun little tee (yellow/white stripes with aqua whale) and some perfect Heather Bailey fabric that I've been wanting to turn into a tee dress. Are there any tricks I should know about when sewing it so it doesn't get the "puckered shirt" look?

    It's so very hot here during back to school, I'm having my mom make Grace several tee dresses and some more fun ruffle pants sets. Easy, breezy stuff that I won't be mortified if it comes back from preK paint-stained :)

  6. Oh and that should read "MIL" and not "sister"!!! Silly me!

  7. oh i soooo love the kitchen! you and your hubby did an amazing job! i am thinking i need to take off one of the doors from ava's kitchen and add the fabric curtain. it just add's the cutest handmade touch. i love the color you painted it too and the dishtowels you made. cute, cute! :)

    happy birthday to reese!

  8. just seeing this too! I was looking into making MG that kitchen from Knock off Wood for you mind me asking how long it took and how much it cost you? Reese is just ADORABLE!