Tuesday, July 13, 2010

E-I-E-I-O.....Farm 2nd Birthday Party!!!

What a fun time we all had at Reese's farmed themed birthday party!!!! I hope you enjoy a peak into her party!

Cake Table: I used one of Reese's Little People farms for the decorationalong with some of the animals on the cake. And look at all of those adorable hats...thanks to Jessica...and they were a BIG hit!!!! Reese loved her hat and it looked so cute on her!

Cute fabric banner made from this tutorial....

I thought I needed to be super mom and make Reese's cake. After two attempts resulting in crumbling cake....I threw in the towel and scrambled to find someone to make her cake instead. Luckily the last person I called was able to make it....did I mention I was trying to find someone the day before the party. I think it turned out adorable and was sooo yummy!

HoHo cake I made.....one of my favorite cakes ever!!! This cake was the most popular. Guess I should have just made this one and avoided the birthday cake fiasco :)

What is a farm party with out animals!!!! Papaw came through in a big way and had so many fun animals for everyone to play with. There were goats, bunnies(thanks to Aunt Melissa), kittens, chicks, adorable puppies, turtles and of course...Lucy (Papaw's Pony)!!!!

Reese trying to help me & Papaw hitch Lucy up for pony rides:

We had a surprise visitor thanks to Papaw!!! Dora came to visit and pass out toys to all the little ones. Reese wasn't quite sure what to think :) But she did enjoy having Dora there.

If you look at the bottom 2 right pictures...you will notice my nephew Ethan (the boy in the blue shirt). Ethan is very special to our family. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was around 2. It took him awhile to start talking and having conversations with all of us. Lately, his speech has been excellent. We love to hear all he has to say....and most of it is full of humor. Ethan kept stealing Dora's backpack, map and Boots...so we started calling him Swiper. Of course we all chimed in and said, "Swiper no swiping!" to which Ethan replied...."You're toooo late!!!" We thank God that we have the opportunity to share in these great conversations!

Cake Time: Reese was in awe of everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her!

She did an excellent job at blowing out her candles....mommy and daddy only had to help a little bit :)

Sweet Pictures of the Birthday Girl:

Love how her Birthday outfit turned out!!! And the boots were the perfect finishing touch!!!

We had a Yee-Haw good time!!!!! But this is how we all felt on the trip back home!!!

Thank you Mamaw & Papaw for letting us have the party at your house and for making sure it was just like a farm!!!! You two are the best!!!!


  1. Precious! Love, love, love her boots! Definitely the perfect touch to the gorgeous dress you made her! How fun to have all those little animals to pet - I bet the kids loved it! And - he, he, he - what a good sport Lee was to don a ruffly birthday hat all in the name of a good family birthday pic :)

  2. WOW! what a fantastic job you did. The cake is so very cute-what a winner of a cake helper you found! And that outfit is ADORABLE. Love it. And the boots were perfect. Great job (:

  3. the party looks adorable....what a fun theme! how exciting to have all the animals there and reese looks too cute in her birthday dress!!!

  4. Oh this turned out so great! What a gorgeous place to have a party and all those animals look like lots of fun. Her dress, party hat and boots are all so adorable!!! Love the idea of the toys atop her cake. It turned out great!

  5. Thanks girls!!! The party was a great success, but when it was all done I promised myself that next year would be much more simple...the same thing I promised myself after her 1st bday party :)

  6. Amber, I love it! You did a great job. Love the colors, the decorations, and her dress is just divine!!! So sweet!

    And I love the play kitchen you made her (just getting caught up on reading your blog today!) - and I especially love the little tea towels you made for it. Too cute!

  7. I don't know how I missed this!! The party was ADORABLE!! Just as I expected it to be! What a wonderful job you did! Reese is one lucky girl to have a momma like you!