Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bitter Sweet Memories

Lee has played softball since I have known him...sometimes even on 3 leagues during the summer. One of the leagues he played in was with a bunch of guys he works with. I have so many memories of going to all of the softball games...but most of the good memories are from the league with his work buddies. Of course, the memories are not of the guys...but of all the wives that came along and sat with me in the bleachers. I have to admit that most of the time we had no idea what inning it was or who had the most runs. We were to engrossed in conversation and our kids to watch the game :) One of the wives I met through the league was my good friend, Ulli. Our friendship went beyond the games, so I have many memories that don't involve softball, but whenever I think of softball...I think of Ulli. This year Lee decided not to play on any of the leagues, but a neighbor come to him about a month ago and asked him to come help them out. Of course, if you know Lee, he can never turn down sports...he lives and breathes most things sports!! I haven't been able to attend any of the games for various reasons until tonight. It was not at the same field as the one where all the memories have played out....but it was a softball field....and the first game I have attended since Ulli went to heaven a few months ago. I think of her often, but tonight the sadness and feeling of loss came back strong. How I miss being able to talk to such a Godly woman!! Ulli was so kind to everyone she came into contact with. She was such a great mother to her three little girls!!! But, most importantly, she had such a strong faith in God. Through all of her illness, she never lost faith and never questioned why. She even made sure that her husband felt the same way after God decided to take her home. It is funny how you can just be living life and God reminds you of the great things He has let you enjoy. Even though my time with Ulli was much too short, I am so glad that God gave me the opportunity to make all of the good memories with her. I am sure that softball will never be the same, but I will always think back on the memories and smile!!!

Ulli, you are truly missed, but I thank God that I know I will see you again one day!!!!


  1. Oh, Amber! I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend Ulli! It's so hard to understand why things happen the way they do. I guess our job is not to ask why, simply to accept, but still SO HARD. My heart breaks when looking at her picture surrounded by her three beautiful little girls. Her family will be in my prayers tonight.

  2. What a sweet post about your friend! I'm sorry you are missing her. It is heartbreaking to see the picture of her with her little girls.

  3. what a wonderful tribute..Jennifer