Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring/Summer sewing

WOW...what a week this last week has been. We had my dad a surprise 60th birthday party this past Saturday. Friday evening we had a small family party to try to throw him off track. All the grandkids got swim and Reese LOVED it! She kept yelling Yee-Haw. Not sure why but she had a blast! I was busy, busy getting the party together with my sister. The party was a great time even though the birthday boy figured something was up the day before the party. We were all exhausted Saturday when the party was finally over.

Then, on Sunday morning this wonderful stomach virus that is going around decided to bite me. It has been a doozy of a bug might I add. I am starting to feel a little better but am still dragging and haven't really felt like eating much.

Anyway, I thought I would finally share a few things I have been sewing for Reese for the upcoming spring/summer. Please forgive the poor pictures. I am in desperate need of learning how to use my nice, new camera I got for Christmas. A cute hanger and better backdrop would help tremendously too. A model would be even better, but toddlers aren't very cooperative. Oh well!

Here they are:

I love the bright colors and love that my little one can finally wear some cute pig-tail bows!

The next two where made from scraps. I didn't have a lot of any of the fabrics but am glad I got two cute outfits for cheap! I think the brown and cream peasant top will look cute with some pink leggings!

This shirt from Gymboree was the inspiration for the 3 layered ruffle shirt.

I found this tutorial that Dana from Made wrote and knew I had to make Reese one. I also used her gathered pocket tutorial but modified it a tad. I bought a yellow shirt to wear with this skirt and it looks adorable on Reese.

I fell in love with these shoes the first time I saw them so I had to buy them for Reese for this summer. That is one reason there is a lot of yellow in her summer wardrobe.
I finished up Reese's Easter dress today. I decided to make a little big so she could get more wear out of it. It is so hard to so this for toddler sizes and I think it is a tad too big but nothing I do about that now. I still have to make the apron to match. I also bought these adorable pink shoes for Reese to wear with her Easter outfit. I bought a size up since everywhere I read said to. I was so excited to get them in the mail today and tried them on Reese, and they are HUGE. So disappointed! Guess I will have to wait a while for her to wear them and try to find something else for Easter. Better hurry since it will be here in less than 2 weeks!!!


  1. Oh everything is SOOOOO pretty! I think my favorite piece is the toile top. I have a huge soft spot for anything toile. So sorry the shoes didn't work for you. I think maybe it's just the big girl (t-strap) style that runs big? I was so sad to find out that the Gymbo sandals don't come in the size we need, 10. :(

  2. Thanks Angel! I fell in love with the toile fabric last summer at JoAnn's. The PJ are so big. They might not even fit until next spring :) Just bought another pair. Hope Lee doesn't kill me but a girl has to have matching shoes for Easter!

  3. Love all the clothes! I hope I didn't lead you astray with regard to the PJ's :O I hope you read my comment that the T-STRAPS run 1 size small. They sure are cute though and at least you know she'll eventually grow into them!

    By the way, a local shop has the pink L'amours if you still need some. They ship anywhere in the US. Let me know if you want their contact info. They retail for $35.

    Angel~ if you see this...the pink L'amours look cute with the pink Swell fabric too!

  4. Jessica-You didn't lead me wrong. You did say that the maryjane's only run a half size small. Everyone on ebay acted like they ran small so I decided to go up a size and ordered a 7. I think the 6 might have even had plenty grow room. Oh well. They will be nice for later. I found the Lamour ones on ebay and got them for $20. Hopefully the size 6 fits in this brand :)

  5. Whew! I felt bad there for a sec! What a great deal on the L'amours!!! I can't wait to see her Easter dress :)