Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Time Goodies

Almost two weeks ago, me and Reese drove to attend a memorial service for my dear friend Ulli who passed away from cancer. She was such a great, Christian mom, wife and friend and I miss her so much. While we were there we met up with my sister-in-law, Denise. Well, needless to say, Aunt Denise loves to spoil Reese (maybe because Reese is the first girl of 5 grandkids on my husbands side of the family). We met for lunch and discovered the restaurant we were suppose to meet at was close....sigh. So, we decided to eat at the mall's food court and do a little shopping. Let's just say that Reese made out!!! The first stop was Build-A-Bear. This was Reese's first trip there and she LOVED it! She had a blast giving her new bunny a bath, but the best part was drying the bunny off. We spent quite a bit of time at that station. I wanted to share a couple pictures of Reese's new best sleeping pal.

Isn't her new bunny pal adorable!?!?!

A Cheese......

Some Hugs......

Ok, now I'm ready for some ME camera time!

As if that wasn't enough....we had to make a stop at Baby Gap (Aunt Denise LOVES to shop for Reese here). We found some cute rainbow items that were on great sale. And then...Aunt Denise found this adorable jean jacket and thought Reese just had to have it since she didn't have a jean jacket that fit her right now. I just love all the great embroidery details.....wish they sold one in my size! My favorite part is the super cute bumble bee! Makes me giddy!

Check out all the cute details!

My favorite....the cute bumble bee!

Thanks Aunt Denise!!

You're the BEST!!!!

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