Saturday, July 9, 2011


Happy Birthday to my little Peanut, Reese. It is so hard to believe you are already "3"!!!

Things that make you special:

You always stop and say, "Hey Mama.... I wub you"  Melts my heart every time.

I love when you say, "I can't know" but then answer the question anyway.

You love all things girly, pink, princess, clothes, shoes and toons. You would watch them all the time if we would let you.
You hate bugs, and real snakes...the stuffed, pink ones are ok.

You are always telling us, "I do it by myself"....definitely Miss Independent!
You love pink toe nails :)

Jerzee is your Best Friend.


You answer all questions with a question.....what, how (a new favorite), where, who and the list goes on.....
You love to sing!!! And we love to listen to it even more!
You are completely potty trained...YAY!!!

You are a beautiful "big" girl, and we can't wait to see you blossom and grow....but please slow down a little!!!!

We love you, Princess!!!  Happy 3rd birthday...Cinderella cake and all :)

Mama & Daddy

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  1. Happy 3rd Birthday, Reese!!! Hope you have the best day ever!