Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Even though I love all the activities of fall, I am not usually a huge fan of it since it means SNOW is just around the corner. BUT this year, I have really, really enjoyed everything about fall. One of the favorites of fall time is PUMPKINS!!! We tried a different pumpkin patch this year. While it is closer to us then the other one we have gone to, it was definitely not as enjoyable. We will definitely be going back to the other one next year. Regardless, we still had a good time picking out our pumpkins.

Reese and daddy heading out to find some pumpkins.

They were having a very serious decisions over which pumpkin they should pick :)

"I think you should pick this one, daddy!"

Stopping for a photo shoot with Mama.

So excited to carve the pumpkin she picked out. She decided that she wanted a cat face for her pumpkin. Daddy did a fabulous job on it, but I forgot to get any pictures of the finished pumpkins :(

Can you pick whose pumpkin is whose :) I think Lee's pumpkin weighed more then Reese and my pumpkin combined!

Scooping out seeds while making sure to NOT touch any of the "guts". Her response to seeing the inside of her pumpkin...."EEWWW GROSS!!!!" Such a girly girl :)

No way am I touching that!!!!

Maybe we will try painting the pumpkin next year :)
I had to throw in a picture of Reese dressing up after church a couple weeks ago. She is loving all things girly, princess and super hero lately....yes I said super hero :) A new cape is in the works to replace her receiving blanket she insisted on wearing all day every day. I am loving all the fun dressing up these days :)

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  1. Great pic of the two of you!!! And I love that "no way I'm touching that" pic...PRICELESS!